My Drag Story

Well I am a huge fan of drag, I love make-up, I'm a huge fan of theatre and act a lot, ofcourse I always try to get the female roles, which i sometimes get.

I have always felt that dressing up as a girl or being a girl is me, I got dreams at like 7 seeing myself as a girl and doctors telling me I was never really a guy. Currently living in a very macho cultured country I can only go drag for theatre because there is no other place for me to do so even though im mistaken for a girl by many people. Currently I have an obsession with everything drag and I see drag being a part of my life for a very long time. I love everything about drag and drag queens.
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have you already performed in drag?:D

Good luck to you. The art of drag is really difficult especially since there are so many facets of the form. My advice is to study different types of drag from the pageant queen, comedy queen to the gender rebel and find out which works for you. Also if you decide to pursue this form of expression and want to make it career, I would research it and learn from the experienced drag mothers in order to make your drag special and unique to you. Hope all things turn out well!

Fabulous sweetie

you should go on RuPaul drag race

thats like one of my biggest dreams

I love that show did you see allstar drag race jujubee and raven are my favorites

omg yes, I try not to miss anything, I absolutely love Raven

they are so funny!!! lol

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