I Want To Be A Self Reliant Entrepreneur

i am trying to be an entrepreneur ,but my wallet says not at this time,i have been trying to make a go of it and trying all kinds of deals on the homeboard,with no success,if anyone knows of a good thing, not something from the scammers store,i may do something drastic to my homeboard,like throw thru sliding glass door with the door closed,. if you do know of something legal send them my way please and we will share in the good times for all

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Hi there, part of entrepreneurship is to follow your heart and be not afraid of making mistakes. Few entrepreneurs when you talk to them will tell you that they had the perfect idea from the start. Also, there's no need to be a billionaire before you're considered to be a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is to create value or to fill a gap in the world that is not present. It's a life filled with passion, tons of ups and downs.

I hope you find what you're looking for and I wish you all the best

I think there is good faith advice in the responses you are receiving. I would add a thought I have as a starting entrepreneur: Don’t expect instant success. I reckon 1 or 2 years pass before you may have your first good results. In the meantime you'll have to do with what you got, whether it be some savings or part/full time job...Don’t yearn unrealistic hopes and put planning and working time/hours into whatever project you choose. Also, there is no such thing as failure but learning (this goes for ANYTHING, be it a successful lawyer, doctor, professional sports, whatever, it takes time and errors to become good at something). Start a project on your budget capacity. Hope this thoughts help.

What about internet marketing and building an email list? It doesn't cost much money.

Contact me, I might be able to give u some advice.

I know a lady who became a self reliant entrepreneur by making Christmas puddings. She used her favourite recipe and wrapped them nicely with a tartan ribbon. Now they sell all over the world. The story there is, think of something you like to do or make, and that other people enjoy, and make a business out of it.

i have seen some of them,they were not very good ,i am going to try a different brabch of the library my current oneis outsourcing and not a good library anymore