Since I Was 7

Well seeing as this is my group its only right for me to be the first. I've wanted to be a fairy princess since I was 7. That was when I started wearing girl clothes I wished everyday that I would wake up as one and I still do. I want the dress (pink of course) the tiara wings shoes makeup everything. Ahh well I still dream about it.
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I always want to be a nice little sweet little girl with nice little curly hair

Hi am a very sensitive adult baby who it's very emotional hi a looking for relationship if I can

Hi always wanted to be a sissy adult baby girl that Age 2

Me too being fairy princess would awesome and a dream come true I love pink. I would be in a pink tutu and everything you said with a star wand. I'll use my magic for love and justice.

Absolutely lovely!

you are preaching to my chior

Nothing wrong with dreaming, right I still do too

I too always wanted to be a Fairy Princess.I have all the clothes now-wings,tiaras,dresses,wand,shoes,Dorothy bag etc etc-I'm now very happy.

I was a fairy princess on halloween several time. It would be nice to be one all the time though and not just in make believe.

I'd love to go to a fairy princess party where we were all dressed as fairy princesses and wore tiaras and had our make up done just so perfect, and we wore leotards with tutus and tights and pretty dainty shoes, and then we got to play with each others "wands" and what came out of them!

That would be fun.

This is a lovely dream.

May I share it? I'd love to be dressed as fairy princess. Or as a fairy in a leotard with wings on the back, tights and a gossamer chiffon skirt.

A tutu would be nice.

One day you will be able to achieve that dream! When it does happen (and I got a feeling it will soon) make sure you take a picture of this adorable outfit!

lovely, just absolutely lovely!