One Day Perhaps

It amazes me how I still don't have a child yet. I mean let's be honest, I didn't always practice safe sex. Now though, I'd really like to have one. At work when I see my employees it kind of makes me sad, I see the joy in these new fathers faces and not being able to feel what they feel kills me. Once or twice I've had to excuse myself. No I don't go crying in a corner, just another part of the office, or I go blow my nose or drink some water. I want to be able to raise a young man or woman, teach them everything I've learned. Take them to work early on a Saturday, they'll be all mad and pissy, but little do they know that my true plan was to take them 45 mins away to a gas station; where they had 18 flavors of Slurpee..thanks dad. Watch Disney movie's with a daughter, have tea time and build her a princess house.

I'll adopt int he future for sure, and love any child not my own, as if they were. Protect them since their a part of my life, but I also want a child that's my own flesh and blood. be in the delivery room, those first moments. I realize it wont be easy, and there's going to trials and tribulations with children but that's the joy of it. I hope one day I'm able too. 
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MrPancho you might be surprised I said this on another article but adopt a single mothers family. You might be surprised by the benefits or pay it forward. It's a great feeling and experience!-Nichollee

This is beautiful; brought a tear to my eye <3