Hoping Dreams Will Come True

Hi all , i just had to write here because this group is exactly about me ! I was first dressed at 12 yo by a group of young ladies and their moms and my mom also at a halloween party, The effect of that transformation has ever since made me dream of only one thing for sure after all these years ." I so want to be a female sex object".
I have been dressing , purging and rebuying and dressing ever since, and only find that every time i purge i just go  out in three to four weeks and buy even more fem things then before ;-), eah time sexier and sluttier and go out looking to be humiliated and used even more then before .I so love to fem sex toy. I hope to hear form others who might understand ansd enjoy the same Love Pretty Penny from ct
prettypenny prettypenny
51-55, M
Jan 19, 2013