ive wanted to be a forensic scientist for a long time. the only thing is im horrible at math. i like the science classes, but just cant get along with the math. i love watching the first 48 and cold case files on A&E because they are real stories and real cases. i get into the story and am amazed at how they put clues together to catch the suspects.  

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i know its not all guns and cameras and arresting the bad guys. i think i like the idea of being in real crime scenes and using my own brain and looking at the clues to put things together is what i like. im not bothered by blood and guts. i just think its amazing how they use the smallest pieces of evidence to put the whole story together.

I am majoring in forensic science. It is nothing like you see on tv. Sorry. It is a lot of hard work. You don't carry a gun, you don't arrest people, don't have a badge. You have to be careful not to damage any evidence, you have to walk through blood and guts and really know what you are doing. I love it, but all of my teachers warned us, it is not like you see on tv. A lot of people have dropped out of many of my classes.

Hmmmm.... I'll bet its not all "beer and skittles", though! Do you like raking through decomposed human bodies for the bugs that will tell you how old the corpse is likely to be?