In the imortal words of Charlie Brown, as Lucy can't resist putting the football down for him to kick a field goal, and then as he approaches to make the kick....WHOOSH!!!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH! There he is, flat on his back. That is the way I feel about my music carrer, and why I have been hating my guitar of late. Every time something looked good or promising, I've had the ball pulled away at the very last second. But I will persevere!!!! The music is in my blood, and as much a part of my life as breathing, or needing sustanance...yeah! That's what music is for me...sustanance for my soul!! If I don't play, or write, a piece of my soul goes hungry, and feels like it dies.

I get really tired of really good prospective opportunities going south. I have the talent and the drive. And I work with a really awesome arranging team with the guys in the band I'm in...brilliant musicans at the worst...and yet; here I am, working a job that will get me nowhere, that doesn't pay well at all, with all of these songs that other people say should be on the radio, or in the hands of someone who can get them on the radio...but they're not on the radio, and publishers...will even talk to me, much less listen to the tracks. It does get frustrating, especially as long as I've been at it. But you know what? I'm still hanging in there...I won't give up!!!
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Thank scoobs!!!! Much appreciated!

Never give up. I like your attitude. You'll make it if you keep knocking on the doors. Who knows where your break will come from?