Personal Ghost  oujia  Bored Experince

HI MY NAME IS PRESLEIGH that's my real name

I have my own personal ghost experience I had my own ghost experience when I was 19 because I'm going blame on my sister & her Friend because they play the GHOST BORED called the Oujia  Bored don't play it because it is a bad idea because when she
Was playing when she was 11 years old with her friend they play the Oujia bored in my brothers room oh great I told her that was a bad idea because when she was stop playing it it was getting wried every time even strange feeling like someone was watching u but know one was there When I was 19 years old I had my first ghost shadow front of the door & his name was ViCtor he was wearing a old fashion farmer suite with a sun flower hat he had dark blue eyes some reason VICTOR scared me the most I only see him only my dreams I know what he look like in my dream I draw him what he look like i was same guy in my dream
He was carrying a peach fork in his left hand, do u ever heard the news about this little girl was gone missing in 2007 in may 3 about this little girl name was MADELINE MCCANN well that was wried because we have a ghost girl in my house & her name was MADELINE her last name starts with letter M last tuseday mooring because the news people are talking about this little Girl who is missing in London I saw her ghost she look like she was a little girl with dark brown hair with black eyes she was wearing a pink pony tail when I look down she was not wearing no shoes all I see her dirty feet walking passing me in the kitchen around 8:39 pm it was just me at the house the girl disperd front of me I was frozen my heart was beating fast I was shock when I saw her photo on the news & it was her that I saw in kitchen even my drawling around her neck I just realize that she have 2 abused marks around Her neck & she's keeping saying shes not alive she dead but also she missed her family very much that's my true ghost experince with paranormal Oujia  bored ...
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May 13, 2012