I Always Want Be A Ghost Hunter Since My Hole Life

I really want be a GHOST HUNTER because I know PARANORMAL IS REAL & no it's not fake because I had my
Own experience when I was 19 years old I'm only 22 years old Now I know ghost is 100% real because I can see GHOST I see spirt I see
Orbs even fully aberration I heard voices & foot steps even ghost dreams We had 2 ghost in our house used be a old trolley
Station parking lot so my mom friend name Ann came over she brought this plant I guessed the bad ghost spirt don't like this plant at all so the plant call SAGE because it will helps the PARANORMAL because when Ann did it I had no ghost experience I had no ghost dreams even Madeline & victor was gone to I'm not scared anymore but I will see ghost in the real world because I seen kids shadows playing peeking boo behind the trees there is no one there I seen lots of shadows outside inside My house have no ghost anymore because the SAGE help me right now I feel happy not sad anymore I feel freedom & I feel that GOD is with me whole time so yea it's all better all gone step outside I see shadows not inside my house no more truth story what's going on ..
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May 13, 2012