My Struggle.

All my life I have wanted to be a girl, why? I don't know. I was always jealous of girls because they got to have sleepovers and I could never go because I'm a BOY, well I'm eighteen years old now and I have come to realize, the boy life isn't for me, at all! I just don't know where to start from, please help?
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There are many like you here, 400 of them are in my circle of friends. You can join them by visiting my profile page (click my avatar photo) and on the left click friends to see the list of names. Candicegirl was instrumental in my transformation but all the girls are helpful and supportive

How much do all the surgreys cost? What kind of doctor do I see to begin? How do I go about picking my female name?

Support. Support is where you need to start. Find someone you can trust and let them know how you feel. Find a therapist to help you with these feelings. And, if you so choose, to eventually transition. It's a hard thing to do, hardest I've ever done, but there is absolutely nothing that has made me happier than becoming a girl. I'm sooooooo so happy I transitioned, despite all the difficulties, fears and insecurities that it brings. It's worth it to finally look in the mirror and see myself, not just some random person looking back. But it's so hard to do alone. So, please, find support. Maybe a female friend, or even just a good therapist. You won't regret being you. :)