I Wish I Was But I Don't Want To Be

I really wish I was a girl and dress up like one on several occassions and embarrassingly ********** but the thing is I know I'm not gay and I really don't want to become a woman from surgery. I really wish I could just become a girl for a day just to feel what it is like and satisfy my needs and then continue my life as a boy. I really need advice or some way to just experience things like a girl like ************ or just daily life or something I just want to feel like a girl for a day and I think that I will have my needs met and will be cured of my addiction or what you will.
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me too

I also want to be a girl but only by face and clothes not by surgery like u. I dress myself as girl in private by wearing by sis clothes

yes i am also.

Hello rainbow dash.
Trust me a one day fix does not cut it. I started wearing my sisters clothes when I was 5 years old, all my life I wanted to live as woman but grew up in a time when it was taboo to even mention. I started playing netball with the girls when I was 14 and now at 34 can finally speak up. I now live with my parents full time as woman and has taken over 30 years to gain their approval to the point I am starting hormone replacement prior to surgery to have my manhood removed permanently, and I can't wait. Trust me occasionally cross dressing quickly becomes a way of life, don't be embarrassed, be who you want to be, go public and be the woman you truly want to be deep down. I am not gay either, I do not have sex with men, but that does not stop me being a girl. Since breaking the news to my family they have accepted me as a daughter rather than a son and I live as a woman and my only regret is not raising the issue years ago. If you want it, be a girl sweetie, I am and I'm proud, don't think less if your self, go shopping and buy some dresses and become a woman don't live in denial or regret like I did for 30 years.

Here i am a year later with the same problem.

Hey rainbow dash.
It's not a problem, read my other post on this same day. I have been reading your posts and

1. If you want to portray the look of having a vagina, simply get some knickers that are very tight fitting, then follow these steps. All humans are created female, then our balls drop, so either side of our penis we have a cavity where our "uterus" once was. Your testicles will fit inside you the stretch the scrotum and penis back toward your anus and pull up the knickers. (I find squatting the easiest way)

2. If your family will not come to the party, link your bank account to PayPal and go for it on ebay. Most sellers have a size guide on their listing so be sure to measure yourself to get the right size.

3. For breasts, there is a product called breastforms. Many online stores sell them personally I buy through house of transformations, they are pricey but I couldn't live without them.

4. If you need to discuss your desires with your family and get it out in the open, try starting with your sister. Younger generation girls are far more accepting of wannabe girls like us and she may even help with your shopping needs.

Best of luck sweetheart hope the advice helps.

I still need help

I feel the same way.

I cant get the stuff i need because i dont have a credit card and want to keep it secret from my parents. What should I do?

What about getting fake breasts or other such things like that vagina prosthetic I cant afford that. Is there some way to get these things for free.

Just put on some panties and bra and wear skinny jeans and a cotton top, then put on sandals or boots and strut around all day in a mall, then you will feel like a girl. It doesn't feel any different that being a guy. you just think it is, so you want to do it.