I Wish I Was But I Don't Want To Be

I really wish I was a girl and dress up like one on several occassions and embarrassingly ********** but the thing is I know I'm not gay and I really don't want to become a woman from surgery. I really wish I could just become a girl for a day just to feel what it is like and satisfy my needs and then continue my life as a boy. I really need advice or some way to just experience things like a girl like ************ or just daily life or something I just want to feel like a girl for a day and I think that I will have my needs met and will be cured of my addiction or what you will.
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Here i am a year later with the same problem.

I still need help

I feel the same way.

I cant get the stuff i need because i dont have a credit card and want to keep it secret from my parents. What should I do?

If you have CASH go to the nearest thrift store. A skirt or dress is only a dollar or two. Most of the clothing is practically new and you can try it on before purchasing it without being teased or harassed.

What about getting fake breasts or other such things like that vagina prosthetic I cant afford that. Is there some way to get these things for free.

Go ahead and dress when you want, You don't have to be gay to cross dress. Just do what ever make you feel happy. Lots of guys just like you have enjoyed dressing like a girl from early age to over 60 yrs old and still dress like a girl when they want.
Just have fun with everything and if you have to keep it private then do, but have lots of fun doing it.

Just put on some panties and bra and wear skinny jeans and a cotton top, then put on sandals or boots and strut around all day in a mall, then you will feel like a girl. It doesn't feel any different that being a guy. you just think it is, so you want to do it.

Actually a day or two won't get rid of your desire to dress, dressing may actually cause a further need to do it. Dressing as a girl doesn't mean you are gay or even TG, some boys just like the dresses or skirts and want to wear them just as girls today wear boy's clothing. Kids do not attach the gender to clothing today like their parents did in their own times. There are several boys on EP who just want to be able to dress with out all the junk of being a x=dresser or the stigma of being a sissy. I support this right to dress for comfort.

Do you know of anyway that I can feel more like a girl with like clothing because I want to feel what its like to have like a vagina or boobs.

there is a way to experience a girl vagina but you need to buy it. It is a special pair of sort of panties that are realistic female genital parts formed to them. From what I understand you could even have sex with another boy while wearing them. You can get breast forms from Dr. Leonard's on the internet fairly cheap. As far as dresses and skirts just go to a thrift store like Goodwill or The Salvation Army.
then you can dress and feel like a girl.