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Confused Gender

Hi i am sean and when i was growing up i had 5 older sisters and they had the most anoying partys where some would hold me down and the rest would make me a yuong girl and i hated it but as i was getting older my girlfriend and her friends did it and made me go out as a girl in public on weekends and that was when i decided i wanted to be a girl so i am going to become a girl when i get older i already have decided i want huge boobs like when i was yuong my sisters gave me huge boobs

SeanMason18 SeanMason18 26-30, M 3 Responses Oct 15, 2009

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At your age you could wear a mini skirt or dress as jennylee911 said below this comment.

Thanks for sharing your comments. Some of the guys on here must not look online. You just have to search for anything you want and can find it. They say they want to be a girl, but they need to search and look on line at some of the support groups and find out all about being a girl. There is more to a girl than just dressing up like one.

Its not hard to become a girl, start by buying some artificial breasts.
then grow your hair long and style like a girl. Wear clothes the girls are wearing in your age group. Most girls today wear skinny jeans, printed cotton tops and flats or boots. They wear jewelry and paint there nails.

Go to the mall and watch how the girls dress your age and see how they act and imitate them. You don't even have to wear their lingerie if you don;t want to, just wear there outer clothes and people will see you as a girl.

So it's a decision. boobs are the quetion. how are you conducted?