Confused Gender

Hi i am sean and when i was growing up i had 5 older sisters and they had the most anoying partys where some would hold me down and the rest would make me a yuong girl and i hated it but as i was getting older my girlfriend and her friends did it and made me go out as a girl in public on weekends and that was when i decided i wanted to be a girl so i am going to become a girl when i get older i already have decided i want huge boobs like when i was yuong my sisters gave me huge boobs

SeanMason18 SeanMason18
26-30, M
2 Responses Oct 15, 2009

I love being a baby girl...i need diapers and my family knows I love being a girl, so at times I'm a baby girl (I look like I'm 5, since I'm small).
My mommy and daddy loves me being their baby...

So it's a decision. boobs are the quetion. how are you conducted?