The Truth

Hi everyone i am sure i am alot youner than most the people in this group but still i feel the same as the rest of you do
i am 13 and sence i was five i knew i wanted to a girl i felt deep down i was ment to be a girl when i was five i would go and find my sisters old clothes and wair them when ever a could i would take them and hide in my room and pretend i was a girl as much fun as i had doing that though i knew i could never be a real girl and even at that young of an age i would hate myself for not being born as a girl it wasnt untill i started school when everything changed for me one day i decided to wair panties to school sence no one would noticed anyway it worked out good and for that day i was happy after a few months of doing this though like alot of other kiding doing something their not supose to do i got cought luck for me it was my sister who cought me though it turns out she knew the whole time what i was up to and she also knew i would never be happy unless i was able to be myself so she did what any loving sister would do and helped me talk to my mom about it my sister explanded everything which was good because i dont think i would have been able to at the time i could still remember feeling ashamed upset and every other bad feeling when my mom found out i thought i might have let her down but there it was the truth was laid out in front of her and now everyone new now most people would think this would end a bad way so did i at the time but the next day which was a weekend was just the beginning you see while i was asleep my mom and sister decided to go shopping with out me and let me sleep in when they came back i was still alseep and had no idea what they did it turns out they understood everything and went out and bought me some new clothes at first i thought they went out and bought my sister some new stuff which made me happy because that ment i could steal her old clothes and add them to my collection but as it turned out all those clothes they bought were for me i still remember it they went all out dresses skirts undies shirts with flowers and animals and stuff on them that was also the first day i was able to go out as a girl when i woke up they told me to pick out the outfite i like the most and to get dressed so i did it was a nice purple dress i loved that dress they fixed my hair and everything and took me out when someone we new came up to us they said i was a cousin or something and i came to visit them it was a dream come ture but like all dreams they have to come to an end after the weekend i had to take up my roll as just another boy at school i never told my friends what happen though as it turns out i spent the rest of the school year as myself during the summer my mom took me and my sister on a trip which was pretty fun i was able to be myself again and wair all those nice girl clothes the whole time after awhile i was a girl i dressed like one acted like one talked like one smelt like one and as far as anyone else new i was one it was wonderful now as the summer came to an end i was feeling a little upset knowing i would have to take the roll as a boy once again but as it turned out my mom enrolled me into school as a girl she talked to the teachers and everything letting them know what was going on and they all promised to keep it a secret and from the second grade untill now i have been living my life as a girl once in awhile going back as a boy like now but as far as looks and everything i have been taking pills and stuff sence i was about 9 and it is becoming harder to hide the fact that i was born a boy soon i hope though if everything works out i will be able to make the full transformation into a girl is this what i really want i wouldnt want it any other way will i ever regret it not in this life time the fact is i have enjoied being a girl for the past few years and i think it is coming down to the time where i should be able to be a girl full time and stop playing

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Amazing story. I agree a very loving and deeply understanding family. There are no values of any kind any where especially with in a situation like this one. Yes, and truly keep us updated. Thank you for sharing.

:,( i wish i had a older sister who was like yours. i'm an only child and have dreamed of being a girl for years. i wish i had the courage to tell my parents that i was a girl inside a guys body.

thats amazing that ur family understands sooooo well i wish my mom wuz like that u just liv a wonderful life u go girl!!!!!!!!!!!:-)


That is a heart filling story. Your Mom is wonderful andyou and your Sis take after her.<br />
<br />
I think writing more might help you. We love you too.