I Don't Know?!

I don't know how to tell my family and friends that I want to be a girl. I'm only 15 and I live in Texas. It's not going to be easy for me to do this I need some Kind of help. Please help me e.p users your my only hope for a promising future.
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I understand. It is not easy. You have already gotten sum good advice that I can only strengthen.<br />
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Know yourself totally. Accept your self. Talk with your parents and then a counselor.<br />
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Have a safe and wonderful journey.

There's not really much anyone else can do for you. If you're sure about how you feel and you're ready to start being the real you. You should find someone that you can talk to and can help you find the right path for you, like a therapist or even a school counselor to begin with.<br />
It is risky for someone that still lives at home to come out though. Parents sometimes take a while to come to terms with it. My parents both had friends that are transgendered/cross dressers/queens and they still freaked out when I told them I was actually a girl. <br />
There isn't really any right way to tell people. Personally I turned into a dripping mess with every person I told. Even though I had a plan of how to tell them it never worked out that way. Everything just came out in the moment. A good thing to do is gather some information that you can give your friends and family when you tell them. That way they can learn about it in private without having to hold back their emotions around you and then come back more well informed and connect with you again later.<br />
Remember take your time, stay safe and be healthy. It's a process, with many different paths for everyone involved, not just you.<br />
Good Luck