I Have Always Wanted To Be A Girl.

Ever since i was 9 i always wanted to be a girl, i tried on girl cloths when i  was 12 and i couldn't  stop i love the way it feels. people say i look like a girl, i have silky legs, slim body, soft hands and sound like a girl. I'm 13 and i want to act like a girl so bad but my parents are christian and they would say its wrong and i would get grounded or something, what do i do? Please help me. 
roxasriku roxasriku
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 25, 2011

Ever since I was born I felt like I was in the wrong body.I was raised around nothing but boys.I copied their moves, I did as they did.I even trained myself to pee standing up..LOL.No lie.But I never felt like I wanted to change who I was inside, I know I am a girl.And I am proud of that fact.I have been married, had my kids,and all, got divorced, all that.But still I have kept that boyish quality about me, seems that a lot of guys like me this way...(Shrugs on this.)Go figure.Anyway, well, if I had been born a male, I would've been a gay male, cause I love guys waaaay too much to go the other way.LOL...thanks for sharing your story.

I know just what you mean I to have always had a secret wish to be a girl I would just love to wake up everyday and know I am a girl I want to be all soft cute and pretty like girls are I would gladly give up boyhood just to finally be a girl