I Adore Girls.

It's not like I'm ''gay'' or anything like that. I just adore girls and their grace. I always wanted a girl friend, trying to be a girl, hang out with girls (I'm really shy) or anything like that. It's not like I feel, I'm trapped in a wrong body and need to be a girl, but more that everything about women/girls are good and being a girl is the best of everything. Getting a girlfriend with my kind of personality (My normal personality, what I like, what I hate, my humor and stuff like that, not anything about wanting to be another person).

I can't stop thinking about girls. In video games, I most of the time choose girl character. I feel like they have a special beauty and grace.
My biggest wish ever, has always been to being able to change into whatever I want to be. That way, I can always change into whatever gender I want to be, try to go somewhere in my town and make friends and if something goes wrong, always change back or to another kind of girl.

I can't stop thinking about that last wish. I have thought about, if girls have better lives (Averagely ofcourse, not all).
The thing I adore so much, is how they get so much attention and can nearly do whatever they want. Laugh in funny ways, love little cute things, act all happy and jump around in joy and sound happy all the time.
As a boy (I'm sixteen, most of the time I game at my computer. Most of the day, with some other friends), I feel like I only have to look tough and be the ''cool, but silent'' type, even though I'm small and don't got big muscles.

I'm actually looking for a girl, to talk about everything in the daily life of being a girl. Talking about EVERYTHING you love/hate with being a girl. Your average day, what you love, what you hate, pros, cons, is make up fun to use? What about shopping? (Not perverted in any way, but how is it having boobs? I heard, the cons are worse then pros, because of sore back and stuff like that.

But listening to all these things you could write over the computer to me (You gotta want to write A LOT, and I promise. I will be reading and responding), is the closest I can get to feel that way.

Maybe we could talk over email? (Sorry if anything is written unclearly. I didn't read it through)
IAdoreGirls IAdoreGirls
1 Response Apr 22, 2012

I find this strangely adorable.(but then again I'm sick in the head sometimes!)<br />
xD<br />
Well, I'm a girl and I can talk to you about being a girl all day long!<br />
Just leave a message in my inbox!<br />
PS: I always wanted to be a boy for a day as well.