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Well a writer I am not, a male that wants to be female, O yes. I have known this ever since I was little. I knew that I was in the wrong body at about 7 and that's when life took a noise dive.My dad was very hard core man and even my mother was afraid of him. I did put on my sisters cloths now and then, that only made me want all the more to be a girl.
It was not till I was 17 and I move out of my parents house and into my own place that I could start to explore my female side and I love it. But this was short lived because I got drafted into the Army. When I got out in 1975 I look to much like a man to pass as a woman so I never went around any body or where people might see me. But when I was alone I would dress and be a woman.
Now last year I retired and got me this motor home and now I spend a lot of time on the road in hopes to meet others like me and share time with. I would like to talk girl talk with others.
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61-65, M
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Send me your questions and we can talk.

If or when you come up to Maine, drop me a line.<br />
Don'e expect a warm reception stopping anywhere while dressed<br />
These frigen Mainieacs don't care for us much.