Sometimes Its All I Waant In The World

Sometimes it's all i can do to not run away so i can do the things i want to, like become a girl. I am coming up on age 57 and my life is too structured to ever let it happen. I have kids and grand kids, a wife and parents, brothers and sisters all of which i could never deal with if i let my true fantasy take over.

That fantasy... grow big breasts. grow a nice posterior. Have facial surgery and become a girl through and through. God how i want it! I scheme how i would do it if i got the chance. Start hormones and hair removal. I would buy an electrolysis machine and remove my own hair. then have liposuction to remove my belly fat (not much there but still not very fem). After the breasts begin to form get facial surgery. In the end breast implants and any voice surgery available.

Oh well ... my fantasy.

jenifer6 jenifer6
56-60, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Yeah. That would so cool. Maybe soon.