Love to Be a Girl

Ever since I was young I wanted to be a girl. I always adored the clothes they wear. Everything was so soft and feminine that I would borrow my sisters's and Mom's clothes and wear them in my bedroom. I would get aroused while wearing their clothes because the material of the lingerie felt sexy next to my body. I would always jack off because I loved the way I looked and felt inside. A boy I knew used to squeeze my "boy" breasts (I was a little overweight) and tell me that they felt like real women's breasts. I would get hard when he did this and would wish that I was a real girl and that he would have sex with me. He moved away a few years later and nobody ever felt me up since. I loved the feeling of being caressed and to this day I squeeze my own breasts in my bra and I jack myself off. Oh what fun it would be to be a real girl and have a real man make love to me. Oh what fun to fantasize but I really am heterosexual and only fantasize about being a real girl.

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I feel the way many do, I am stuck in this male body. I have wife and kids, but they will never know how I feel. I put on my panties when I get to work and then change back before I leave work. I have been reading everything I can about what happens to a man when he starts taking birth control pills, I am just about this close to ordering them. What's holding me back? What will happen if my breasts do start growing and my nipples change. My family would never understand. I have been fantasizing about being a girl since I was six years old. Any chance to play dress up was great. Now days, I am sad and depressed. Sometimes I go into a " zombie mode" and my fantasy takes over. Those times aren't very often, but for a while I feel so good. I just try to make it through eac day.

So many wishes here. I have become the closest to being a girl that anyone could wish for. My live in girl has me wear lingerie 24/7 and wearing dresses, nylons and heels around our house all the time. I wear women's Capri's and tops with sandals when we go out on the town. I always wear makeup, my hair is curled, my nails and toes are always painted.<br />
I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is a punishment for me wearing my sisters, moms and girlfriends clothes and being caught a lot of times doing it.<br />
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Lots of you wish you could do this, but my life was better when I could sneak around and dress and enjoy myself. Now I only get to enjoy myself when it is convenient for her and her friends or being humiliated in front of others.<br />
Sometimes it is fun, but mostly it is torcher for me

ive always thaught of myself as a girl and always will and when i get my op i will be very happy because its no longer a dream its a fact and then i would be soooo happy you see im doing something about it now because i cant live hidden freedom is life itself and why live life imprisoned within yourself its hard to cope with but fk everyones oppinion i am me and i should be proud of it i love the clothes and pampering and my really girly attatude to everything be who you are peeps mwah x

whats there not to love about a girl, being girlie, and loving, I have struggled all my life with wanting to be a girl, and wish I could go all the way right now and if somebody walked up to me and asked if I would I'd do it in a heartbeat, a girl very mystic, sheek, and always sexy, I'd give anything to be a girl, I would love wearing sexy clothes, and even more super sexy lingerie

i agree with all you say it would be wonderful to have big boobs and long legs and have lovely feminine things to wear

I want so despertly to be a girl and I dont know where to turn or start everything I have done so far has been by reserch and trial and error. Being a girl is all I think about and dream about an one day I'll get there I hope. So to thoes dont be ashamed or hide your desires I have been living my life as a female and I'm greatful for that and soon I'll be there. Dennise

I'd love to be reborn as a girl. Soft silky skin, dress anyway u want, do almost anything. There are downsides but i look at girls positives. I wish i was a girl or had been born one.

i'd love to be a girl too. Then i would be comfortable in my own skin.<br />
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Thanks for sharing Barbie.

I am with you all, i wish the same dream but if the cards where right i would want to live the rest of my life a ture to life woman going all the way and not looking back.

Unfortunately., All we can do these days is wish and pray and hope that suddenly we will wake up as a woman!...True?...But isn't it a nice FANTASY!..For the rest of my liufe, I shall take every opportunity to live and act as a woman though!!.....I Will not Burn MY BRA!!<br />
.......Enjoy life, Sisters!!

Me too.. I'm always want to be a girl and act like a girl. but reality is far away from that. I think that's what we are trying to do dressing up as girls.

Dear Barbie,<br />
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I can relate to your story in some ways. I too wish I were born a girl but somehow managed to live life despite my internal conflict. I maintained a tough exterior and never let anyone really know me. I continued to adapt but needed to crossdress. I've been doing it since I'm 5 and now I'm in my 40s.<br />
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I am fortunate to have a wife and son who I am crazy about.<br />
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I still need to crossdress and still have feelings of wishing I were a young woman.<br />
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I certainly feel for you and wish you happiness.<br />
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