I Think For Me I Realized It When...

I was about 10,I started putting on my sisters clothes.I was never really attracted to girls but I would always study the way they dress,how they did their hair and makeup,how they walked and acted and I would mimic all of that. Then I became attracted to men,and wondered if I was gay.No,I am really convinced that I am not gay but I am supposed to be a female.I dont want just sex with a man,I want all the things that go along with being a woman.I want to experience dating as a woman,love as a woman,getting married as a woman,getting pregnant and having a baby as a woman,and loving a man as a woman.
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Hey Sweetheart. I hear ya. I have a lot of the same feelings. I turned to spirituality to come to peace with it. I have learned I am a female spirit that is experiencing life in a male body. We are accessorizing ourselves as we see fit and that is as female but experiencing that in the bodies that we have.

Everytime I re read this story it makes me cry. It is weird to see my true feelings staring back at me like that,but they are real,and thats what makes me sad.

so nice to have those dreams and wishes.

Problem is they are ONLY dreams and wishes...

you can make them come true but it is very expensive.

I know,it costs more than I will ever have.

I know the feeling sweetie.

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