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Im really thinking about becoming a girl i feel happy when im dresses as a girl. i want to talk to someone about becoming one what do you guys think.
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I would like to myself

m a transgender girl myself as well .
I am in the pre-hormonal and pre-operative phase which means that I didn't undergo anything yet . I've always mentally felt that I was a girl and my memories go back to childhood but became stronger since 4 years . I'm 19 now , know for already 4 years that I am transsexual and I still didn't come out to my family because of their believe ( catholic ) and the shame for the world outside ( society ) they would definitely reject me . I never felt a strong desire to dress like a female , I always wanted to be a female . But as now I am really considering going on hormone therapy without the knowledge of my parents I am looking into possible cross dressing . I want to live my life as a heterosexual woman full time but I'm so scared my family will reject me . I have no time to loose as the testosterone needs to be blocked very quickly in order not to masculinize . I am 168 cm tall , 52 kgs and I am very feminin from silhouet so I hope I will be passable and also be able to find a guy who really appreciates me for who I am and not just sex .
I understand your fears to come out of the closet and I know they can be very strong but hang in there and try to find a solution to be who you really are . Even if that ****** people of ! Life is too short to live like someone else X !

i think you should talk to someone about it

I think that this is a vey wise thing to do.I have been on hormones now for a year and would not change it for anything.Are you in touch with a transgender support group in your area, if not I would encourage this so as to get real life stories and varied opinions about transition.I hope you find the information that yopu are looking for and I hope you best for the future

it's quite a journey. you need medical as well as psychological approval for the medical procedure. i think the bottom line is if you feel you are a girl/woman trapped in a male body. i would love to be a woman, wish i had been born female. but do i feel like i'm in a body of the wrong sex? no. however if i had the opportunity when i was younger i would have taken it.