I want want want want want want want want to be a girl, it is all I think about, I want it right now and I want the hurting to stop, you see it hurts more everyday because I am not a girl. I want it so bad, I Don't know how much longer I can take the pain of not being a girl, I want the hurting to stop and finally be a girl. I have known for a very long time that I am a girl and desperately want my body be a girl's body. I want the pain to go away and finally be free and at peace.
wtbwoman wtbwoman
46-50, T
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

The trade off is that you cannot be a man too. Please look into counseling, electrolysis and hormones! And go shopping for some pretty clothes! Tell the sales people that you want to feel feminine and look more feminine. The support will feel like heaven.