I Want To Be A Hot Girl

I want to be a hot sexy girl so I can wear sexy 6 inch platform heels and strut around all sexy showing off my perfect body. I want to havenice 36 DD breasts and shop at Victoria's secret. I want to buy sexy little panties and feel how amazing it is to have a nice flat area where i can be free to shake my hips around. I want a sexy slim body with beautiful long shiny brunette hair and beautiful deep blue eyes and sweet lips and a cute little nose and ears. I would love to be about 5'4" with size 6 feet and have my feet up on a sexy arch in heels and I would be wearing a thong with a pushup VS bra and a sexy mini skirt with a cute v-neck top showing my amazing cleavage and some sexy mascara and eyeliner on and a lil eyeshadow and have sexy dangling earings and have my nails french tip manicured. I would wear some sexy pink lip gloss. I would definatelyy be bi, because woman are too sexy to turn downand with a body like mine turning down a guy after he's seen me is just teasing so I will be having alot of fun. Ahh I just want to dress sexy and have a sexy female body! If Only!
Highheelsbabe Highheelsbabe
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

You literally want exactly what I want. It would be so great for those things to come true