To Switch Hit

To switch, yes that is what I would like to do. Switch sides, be the other gender.  I've wanted it most of my life.  It never goes away.  My wife asked me the other night if I had any other sexual fantasies I wanted to explore.  Hmmm,  I just sorta of just gazed off for a moment and said no.  Not exactly your typical male response huh?  How does one tell their wife that they would dearly love to have sex as a woman when one is male?  That I would love for her to switch places with me, her be the guy and me be the girl.  That is the sexual fantasy I want to explore.  Not exactly feasible.  yeah I know one can pretend with sexual toys, but not exactly the same, not really.  We've done that, I like it, but it's not the real thing, if you know what I mean.  I'd like to step out of my skin for awhile and be in hers.  Of course the trouble is that I might not want to have my old skin back! 
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these days I'm thinking of getting **** by a dog just to know what it feels like.

I told my ex I would like that, it is why we are ex and she made sure I experienced being a female in bed

Good luck with this

I may need more than luck, surgeries might need to be involved!

Yes. I understand that you want to be dress as the woman an your wife be the more male figure with maybe with a strap on. And her caress and touch you paying attention to your breast and giving you satisfaction in that way. I can understand that as I feel the same at times.

I have stepped out of my skin with swingers it only ended my relationship in a mess must be very careful with this open most of all truly honest

I definately know the feeling. I have spoken to my wife about it and she is not at all against the idea of srs in the future. Though she would rather have another transgender girl join us that doesn't want the surgery. I don't have anything against that. So now we shall just have to see where the future takes us.

I know just how you feel girlfriend and I feel the same way. Fortunately I have found a wonderful man who will make a real woman of me and teach me to be a first class ********** and cumslut. I can't wait for him to fill me with his seed

Elle, I hope you find comfort and peace with your wife. I have been married for over 30 years. My wife is also my best friend. And that inner girl is always there with me. I guess that I am fortunate in some respects that my inner girl has always been attracted to other girls. I don't know why but it seems to all work out.

I think all of us T-girls want, need, and desire the same sexual fantasy! To be a woman, to be cared for by a man, to be loved as a female, to live life as a woman. Dreams honey.

Elle it's a fantasy many have and I'm sure that if it were possible there wouldn't be a man alive that would want to have sex as a woman. I truly understand where you are and what you desire but I haven't had the pleasure of having someone to share that with even in play. You are fortunate your wife is interested in what your sexual fantasies are let alone willing to help you fulfill them to the best of her ability.