I came out to my parents today and they accept me! ☺️ also turns out my neighbor is a Transgender youth physiologist, worked out pretty well. But when does it stop being awkward every time I'm near my parents?
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Congratulations Avery, I knew things would go well for you. Good luck going forward. You are a beautiful young lady and deserve the best.

Hahahah Hun everyone feels awkward round there parents at your age, and coming out to them was huge well done to you :0)
In time when your more settled into yourself, you will find you will all just drop into place, sounds like they are wonderful people and I am sure it will not be long before you all feel very comfortable around each other... Talk as much as you can about how your feeling and why, help them to understand where your coming from, it will help build a stronger bond... Wishing you much happiness :0)