What Should I Do?

For a long, long while now i have wanted to be a glamour model/page 3 model but i havent got the figure for it any more. I am now 20 years old and scared soon i will be to old to start a job like this i would start straight away by sending my picture to the news paper straight away only i have 2 beautiful children now, They are the best thing to have ever happened to me and always will be and i honestly have never been happier the only thing is duering my pregnancies i got quiet big and with me been so tonned and thin befor hand i streach quite a lot and i now have quite a saggy stomch with loads and loads of streach marks and i cant afford a tummy tuck. Also i am a 34E bust but as i breast feed for 3 months with my first and 5 weeks with my second they have started to sag and have streach marks aswell as befor i breast feed my second i was a 34FF. I stiil wanna be a glamour model thou just dont no where to start and what to do. i cant afford surgery and exerciseing is takeing far to long xx

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Sorry, repeated myself. Must be getting old.
Peter xx

Me Dear, even if you could afford it, avoid surgery like the plague. Please, please try natural methods, such as good diet and good skin creams. Aloe vera is very good for the skin and I grow them. Because you are young, you are probably impatient, but then again, because you are young your body is probably quite capable of getting right again, if you give it time.
i'm glad you love your children. that's music to my ear. But do take time for good exercises. If you stay on EP I shall love to know how you progress.
Peter xx

I am an old guy, so you may dismiss some of this as nonsense. But if any of what I say, makes sense, then try and act on it.
Try everything before going under the surgeon's knife. In short, don't do it.
On EP it may be possible for you to show pics of various parts of your body. You don't necessarily have to show your face but, if you want to be page 3, you should be happy with that.
The reason for pics is that, I think, EP will allow you to show them to only those people you want to show them to. Invite decent EP people to tell you what they feel.
Include me, if you like. I may be ancient, but I still have an eye for beautiful girls.
I'm very fit for my age, never done drugs, never will. I also avoid synthetic medical drugs. I take very high grade food supplements. In fact, if you can, stick to natural substances. I grow Aloe Vera. Very good for the skin.
Read my profile, and please add me if you wish to.
Anyway, all the very best.
Peter xx

Coco butter everyday does help, Vitamin E is the key also. 34 back tells us your still slim. The key is to not gives up on your goals. shoot for the stars and never look back. Exercising might take to long but start and just dont stop. From the micro picture i see you are very beautiful. There must be something for you. Even Layne n Bryant has beautiful full figured woman especially large breasted..