I really suck at drawing, Ive been trying to learn and I draw a lot but  still it looks like a huge mess.


I TRY :(

SourLove SourLove
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I can draw! (at least I think so) JK! Other people think I'm good at drawing too!=) ( my drawings are in my profile if you want to see.) Yeah don't worry, practicing is good. But if drawing isn't for you, try looking for something else your good at doing.

I really try though. I just think drawing isn't for me.

well,I AM good at drawing,but when you reach a level other things fall off the radar. I have drawn every day for 20 some years just to know what a pencil can do...<br />
I hope you can make a schedule to draw every day..maybe,just maybe artists are born,not made..?<br />
thoughts?<br />

Maybe you're trying too hard?<br />
<br />
Find your own style and those that enjoy it will find you.

Maybe it only looks a mess to you. Why not post some photos of your art on here and see what others think.