A Good Goal

I think this is an awesome goal because when we help others feel good it helps us to feel good ourself.

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Oh to be young and unaware. Don't take offense at what I said because this is experience talking. I AM a good friend and not once in my life have I been able to FIND a friend. No I take that back. I did once years ago when I was in the service. For the most part though while I was BEING a true friend I was BEING used and taken advantage of left and right and it happened so much to the point that right now I have no friends and I do not want to even be around people. I see the masses as liars, cheaters, greedy, and selfish. Case in point. I went beyond being a friend to this woman who had four children, no money, no job, no nothing. I gave them money, food, rides, dinners out, paid for school trips, bought Christmas gifts. I watched her children every night for two weeks because she had to attend mandatory anger management classes and in the mornings I'd take her kids upstairs to her to get ready for school. I took care of her, her children and her man for two friggin years and one afternoon I was having chest pains and I asked her if she'd watch my two elementary school aged children for a couple of hours while I went to the ER and that I'd already called the ambulance. That scum refused to look after my kids in that emergency!!! It was her man friend that went off on her and told her how crummy she was to not help me after all that I'd done for them and he volunteered to look after my kids for me. There is an even worse experience that I went to but this will become a book if I continued. Being a friend can get you hurt. I will never be anyone's friend again and I don't want no fake people playing at being a "friend" to me to see how much they can get out of it.

smile? i smiled a lot, even to strangers. but most people thought im flirting. how sad is that?

Can't think of a time when I'm happier than when I've just helped someone :]

Be a polite to all, keep an eye on the enemy, bring others closer that you like, become intimate with ones you love, be true to you to you.<br />
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thanks sweetie. And when you are 99 years old you speak from experience LOL.