I Want To Want You

I'm trying to tap into the passion we once had. When my love and I were first together (after 9 years of friendship) we made passionate love, (for anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours) three to five times... A DAY

Than we moved in together when I went to school, and if we didn't have sex every day, there was awkwardness between us... And fear. Like sex was the way we show love, so when we weren't having sex, was love leaving?

It's been a year since that period- and we love eachother still, and we have never looked back, and even if sometimes my mind DOES begin to wander "Is this right?" I don't even finish the question, because I feel it and I know it in every vein of my body.


And he is my best friend. And so good.

But.. I feel that way, like I will love him forever, But I'm just not horny. I'm not horny or aroused and even when we're together (I like an hour away now, for school this year), I don't want to have any sex marathons. NO MORE SEX MARATHONS.

But I love him! And I am the only person he is with, and I want the best for him. The best life. The best LOVER. And it has to be ME!

I listen to "Damn, I wish I was your lover" Good song. It embodies who I want to be as a Lover.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2011

The marathons do come n go, no pun here I assure you. <br />
The newness and longevity is common when a relationship is in its infancy and passions newest discoveries are being made. As we get settled, the "time management" factor sets in and the Get r Done thing can come into play with schedules from work, social expectations ... etc.. did love leave? No! It free into a mature adult relationship.

I just joined the group "I'm Afraid I have Intimacy Issues"