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Bad 69 Wtf Shoot Me Now!

OMG the W just insisted on some oral sex. We have been out of practice for at least 4 years. I have been taking care of myself in hopes of moving on. So we get into it and its not bad and ok at times, things are coming back to me and then as i really set into motion and focus on her she wiggles a little and says she is done. I'm like WTF that's it and roll, she holds on and does a very mechanical completion of my needs and hey its been a couple days so the result is not lacking. Ok but the bottom line is as i was just starting to penetrate and open her up with my hands she totally freaked out and stopped me saying next time. After she looks at me and says why are you still hard and i look and say because one is just the start lets continue. wow the next facial expression was priceless, you would think i was a monster and all i want to do is give her pleasure. such a bad dog
croyman croyman 46-50, M 2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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oooh baby, you can work my tool all you want! Its a shame its going to waist. Sorry no sis boy here though. Thanks for the post.

now I would take care of the harden for you for sure. I would not just roll over, maybe you would beg for me to stop, but honey, let me just say,I am 49 and stay in HEAT.