Pleasing Him Pleases Me.

I am open to new experiences when it comesto lovemaking. I feel the key to complete satisfaction is to truly satisfy your mate. To be open to new things even if it is outside your comfort zone. I llike to role play, I created an alter ego that comes out in times when lovemaking occurs she is totally different from my normal self and does things that the normal me wouldn't normally do and boy is it fun! I wish I could be her all the time but i would never leave my house because i would be making love 24/7! lol
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3 Responses Jul 4, 2012

My wife has always said that I am (really was) a great lover. More than likely, she would still say so if anyone asked her. She might even give me glowing praise about how I have pleasured her. BUT it all sounds hollow and meaningless (at best) to me because we have not had any sex in more than two years. Any praise actually just seems to rub salt into my wounds.<br />
On the other hand, I was thrilled when my girlfriend (sex is amazing with her) said that I am an awesome lover, mainly because of the things I have taught her about pleasuring me! I was able to share ideas and teach her a lot because she was open to learning. Even though, she is much younger than I am, it means so much for her to praise me as a lover because we do have a wonderful, amazing sex life. When she says so, it rings true.

When I began the previous reply, my main intention was to suggest that people need education in sexual knowledge in order to sustain the long term interest and excitement that sex should provide. Seek knowledge, Grasshopper.

It has been over 3 years for me, not counting me doing mysef!

If situations were different, think you would be an interesting person to meet.