For One Man In Particular.....

I'm actually really nervous though. lol. I've only ever been with two guys. Neither one of them was real impressed with certain aspects of our sexual relations. I worry that I won't even be a good lover, let alone a great one.
I don't know. He says not to expect it. Let it happen naturally, but my brain doesn't seem to want to work that way. Mahahahah! I pray I don't disappoint him. I want him to enjoy himself. What I really want is him to be blown away by me...........I so know that ain't gonna happen, but it's a nice dream. Mahahahaha!

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2 Responses Apr 10, 2009

Women have much more power in intimate relationships then men. They get turned on if you are turned on and feel sexy. They LOVE it. If you doubt yourself it depletes your sexual energy and both of you are not ejoying it. <br />
I actually agree with musicmad. Just summon your inner sex-goddess and go for it!

What aspects were they unhappy about?<br />
<br />
From my experience, great sex involves great communication. Don`t be shy to ask for what you want. Its vitally important for you to feel free to express what you want sexually.<br />
<br />
Same goes for your partner, be empathetic, and if there is something he would like you to do that you are maybe uncomfortable with, then some negotiation rather than shut-down may be in order.<br />
<br />
Sexual confidence comes from you alone. If you feel sexy then you are sexy, and if you are sexy then the possibilties of being a great lover are boundless.<br />
<br />
From your story it sounds as if you spend more time worrying about pleasing your partner than enjoying the act of sex yourself. Believe me, there is nothing that can turn a guy on more than to know his lady is enjoying herself. <br />
<br />
Express & enjoy your sexuality, and please take pride in yourself. Don`t be shy and do what it takes to do what is good for you.