Becoming A Little Girl

I would love to become a kid again, but then as a little girl. Would love to find out how it is to be a girl growing up. And slowly learn the girl-things. I sometimes dream I'm sitting at school as a little girl in my dress with cute socks and mary janes. I think it would be awsome! 

Kadya Kadya
4 Responses Oct 31, 2009

How sweet and beautiful. We should talk. Soon. Because I have the SAME EXACT thoughts and feelings and desires. Let's connect. ;-)

I do lately miss the innocence and utter lack of worldly pressures of childhood too. The world, for me anyway, just seemed so full of happiness and I didn't doubt that only good things would come. I still am hopeful, though I have to remind myself from time to time:) Thanks for the thought.

grow down :-) and then stay 9 months in the belly till you disappear?

oh i sooo wish i could grow down.... just playin around n when even falling down never brought down my spirits... .:)