Because It Beats Living In An "Autonomus Collective"

I am a Rennie, which means, among many other things, that I have the random sense of humor which allows me to appreciate Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I often fling insults in an "outrageous French accent," I once nicknamed my sister's large white bunny "It-Is-The-Rabbit", and I often ask others to provide me with the air speed velocity of an unladened swallow.  (If they respond by asking "African or European?" I know we'll get along just fine.)  Oh, and one more thing, I love repeatedly shouting "Ni!"

I find the Knights Who Say "Ni" very interesting, and wonder sometimes about what the deeper meaning behind them is.  It is worthy of notice that the word "Ni" means "No" in Irish Gaelic.  Why, exactly, was that word chosen for these fearsome, mysterious, and ultimately comical knights?  What is the significance?  I wouldn't like to think that it was a jab at Ireland in general from the British members of Monty Python, and anyway that seem a little far fetched even for one of my theories.  Is it, then, a farsical version of a heroic legend, like much of the rest of the movie?  If these are comical versions of Gaelic speaking knights with mysterious powers whom even King Arthur must respect-- he does, after all, agree to get the blasted shrubbery-- then could they be representations of none other than Fionn and his Fianna?  Hmmm... If that's the case, I don't think I'll mention it to Fionn.  I'm not certain he would find the humor in it.  I don't think I'll mention it to his Grandfather, Nodens Nuada, either.  Somehow insulting the bloodline of the god of the Wild Hunt just doesn't sound like a good idea.  What's that you say?  Why, yes, I am crazy.  Very crazy indeed.

Now to return to the realms of reality and relative sanity.  I suppose it might be going to far to say I'd like to actually be a Knight Who Says "Ni."  If I was I'd have to live in that mirky forest, wear one of those stupid hats, and go through hell just to get some half-witted bloke with a coconut to fetch me a shrubbery.  I do however, enjoy telling friends "Ni!  Ni!  Ni!" even though they do often respond with that dreaded word: It!

Oh, no!  I said it!  Nooo!  I said it again!  And again!  That's three its!
WildMagic WildMagic
26-30, F
Jun 4, 2010