I don't mean to offend anyone but I saw this movie and I didn't really like it. What is it about this movie that everyone loves so much? Although I have to admit the mass-murdering bunny was pretty funny.

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NI! Oops, wrong post...

i'm not dead yet.<br />
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(oh lmao, the bunny..... bring out the holy hand

Yeah, "bring out your dead!"


it just was such a satire on so many things. from special effects to the rewriting of history to taking things so seriously. I just keep remembering Lancelot getting busted. (and the death cart)

Ok good, that's what I thought! Thank you.

No, it's all on the first disk. The second disk contained commentary and deleted scenes and such.

Ok so I gave it another chance and it was a lot better then I remember but I have a question. Is the movie on two disks? I had some special edition copy and my dad threw out the 2nd disk so I'm not sure if there was more to the movie or not.

I soiled my pants I laughed so hard.

Vorpal bunny? RUN AWAY!!! =I

God I thought this to be on of the funniest movies ever made. And the cream of the crop of it WAS the white rabbit of death.<br />
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I saw it so long ago, maybe I should give it another chance.

The point is that it's ridiculous.

As KinkyFlower says, there are those who appreciate this style of humor, and those who don't. Those of us who do, probably cannot explain it to those who don't. Personally, I rank it as perhaps the funniest movie ever.

some like it, some don't lol i find it quite entertaining myself...each time i watch it, i laugh like i'm watching it for the first time lol