From Aspiring Interior Designer To Aspiring Lawyer

It started off as a small desire to be a legal assistant. Maybe take some intro classes to law and litigation to test out a new major. I thought it would be incredibly boring like interior design was. (College has such a knack for turning nearly everything boring, am I right?) To my delight we had a professor who had a unique method of teaching law. He would make jokes and teach us definitions by using real life examples. Everything came to me right away. It wasn't just that professor either. I found I had a true interest for the subject. After the next few semesters, and right after my first legal research and writing class I knew I found my direction in life.

I would love to be a criminal defense lawyer. We live in a society where you are punished for the crimes you commit. But let's face it: people are stupid, and people make mistakes. At just 20 years old they tried to hammer me for shoplifting. It wasn't a small case either, it was to a higher degree. They told me it would forever be on my record, and they tried to tell me I was a criminal. When in reality I was just a stupid kid that wanted free clothes and didn't think I'd get caught. I would absolutely love to help people escape a criminal record like I did (Thank you to my attorney.) !Torts and family law also interest me.But there is just something about criminal law I love. I really admire Dorothy Clay Sims (one of Casey Anthony's attorneys) It must have taken a lot of courage to take on a case like that, and the way she calmly explained the goofs of the prosecution on Casey's E true story was flawless. (Don't get me wrong, I despise Casey Anthony. I am just talking specifically about her lawyer)  

Failing out of law school does frighten me (a lot) not to mention all the debt that comes after. I wasn't exactly an A student in high school. I was labeled with a learning disability and have trouble focusing. I also have a hard time with hard work. But I believe I can handle it if I really, really tried. However, failure is always in the back of my mind. My mother doesn't believe I can do it. I guess that has something to do with it.

I don't even care if I make a lot of money. I just want to be a lawyer.
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

Are you still taking classes in law though? :-) How are they?

Of course you can do it. I think you will be really good at it. Good luck to you.


There is nothing wrong with being a family lawyer or anything of the like. You should follow your dreams and become exactly what you want to so you can be happy.