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I want to go back to school and finish my degree, but my university does not have a library science degree program.  I will need to transfer and inevitably lose some of my hard earned credits.  I have had three library jobs in the past, so I must consider if a degree is really all that necessary.  Oh, I know it is if I ever expect to become the head reference librarian at a nice academic library somewhere. 

I suppose I could teach and train myself on the most basic aspects of library science, like learning the WHOLE Dewey Decimal System, not just the 'hundred numbers" - like the 900s:  911.4782, 987.223.  I can do reasearch on what classes/topics will be covered during the degree program and work them on my own.

Any advice invited and welcome!

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I am in my late 30 and I'm going back to college to get my bachelors and my Master in library science. GO FOR IT

I was thinking of that movie as I typed the phrase "want to be", I was thinking I should write that I AM a librarian - like Evie said in the Mummy, as I have worked in libraries before!

This reminds me of on THE Mummy, when when Evie (albeit drunkenly) but proudly states she might not be an adventurer or treasure seeker, but she is... A LIBRARIAN! lol. If a librarian is what you want to be... GO GET EM TIGER!! Your passion for it will make you a great one!!