Some One Please Help Me Change

if anyone who reads this is a lycan i am begging for your help i want no i need to change for aslong as i can remember i have always wanted to be a lycan and i want to be part of something greater i have been looking for a way to talk to lycans because i have always felt that i wasnt human i will prove my self or even pay if need be so please any lycan who reads this and can help please pm me or comment this is my only hope
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you cant be mearly changed bc u want it. its a thing tht u have to be born with. you have to be born with the sences. irs extremely hard to change at first but after u get used to it it no longer hurts. dont listen to tht girl. yes u have responcibilitys. but its not hard to find food. thts just crazy talk trust me on tht. us lycans have laws set down. like its forbidden for me to even be talking about any of this to a human but my Alpha lets me to clairify to young ppl tht its not all a game. the lifestyle is hard and changing or "shifting" as we call it does hurt extremely bad. we do not "feast" on blood per say. we eat the raw flesh of wild animals. we do not feed on humans at all!! the law is called "This is his body" it states tht since we were once human we can not feast on the flesh of a human. we do not have "special powers" thts just stupid talk. some lycans cant even shift. and if you try to hard u will be stuck in the shift and wont be able to come back out of it. i was born this way. my abilities hightened at 13. i began to knotice tht the moon and the night calmed me. before a full moon i went through a hunger fit. its where you get extremely angry and all you want to do is kill and feed. those are bad. we do kill vampires we always have. although they are our distant cousins we kill them bc long ago they enslaved the lycan kind and used us as protection and to do their manual labor. we believe tht all life on mother earth is sacred and shall not be taken lightly.. insted of a lycan y dont u become a wiccan. we dont change kids at all and we definately dont change humans just bc they want to be like us.

All of this is new to me I only recently started to believe in Lucas and other than human, now I believe in such things especially ghosts and I don't understand why it is so against ur beliefs to change humans like I guess all of us are connected somehow. I see why not change who ever wants to because all world would be Lycans ; but why not change the most determined ones and who has been craving to be for long ,. Also the war - more Lycans would help wouldn't it??? I don't know I'm new to this but I realised how much of the world I was missing out on. Wow .

Lycans* sorry for mistakes

a hybrid is a lycan and a vampire mixed. it can happen at birth if your parents are both of the lifestyle. persionaly i hate them. i am a pure blooded lycan. i hate hybrids. the lycan who mated with the leach should be killed slowly and painfully... us lycans believe in the "fangs and claws law" they are not one of us nor are we one of them. its forbidden to mate with a vampire. it can result in death from your Alpha. Or the Alpha could make u kill your vampire mate its not something to play with get a clue ppl.

You are either a poser or a fool. It is agianst no lycan law to mate with a vampire and no vampire law says you cant mate with a lycan. Simple as that. I am a vampire and my wife is a lycan. Every alpha in our area knows about us 2 even attended our wedding. So once again I say that you are either a poser or a fool a prejudice fool at that.

hey...i think...there is somone who can help you...but if you are just should know, its not that easy right? i am new to this so i can t say much, but for as as i learned these days...being human is think it over and over again! and also...there are rules, we can t change :) msj me if u want to know more....

thanks for the concern but i have taught it over and i know what is to come but if this is the type i am thing of where u con change at will during day or night i am willing and thank you
any way for me there are more up sides then down

well...look..ill msj u somethin ok ^^?

why can t i add you? ...weird..ok ill tell you here..changeing takes alot of time..and a lot of training...its not easy...and its actually scary..when you get hungry and you eat..and eat and its not enought..people don t belive in this..its hard to get food and all...also...there are things that come when you become can t go around and tell everyone hey i am a werewolf rawwr...or show your powers to the world and stuff...we can do this because many people don t belive..but...there is a war to come..this is what we were made for...not cause you ask for it...and sometimes...thy don t even ask you if you want it...its not like in a movie...and to be honest...i don t think you ll get changed just because you want it...i wish you luck!

This war. I've had visions of it. When do you believe it will happen?

its weird ive been talking to some friends that know lycan and used to be a lycan herself and alot of them thing i might be born lycan because i have always had an animistic mentality and when i described these pains i was getting when i get angry they said it seems like the first time they changed and i can sometimes see my "spirit wolf" but when i try to change willingly by trying to force it and sometimes it works a lot of the time it dosnt but every time it starts working my head starts screaming with pain and breaks my concentration and i try again and nothing happens

sounds like the same as i am..maybe you are a hybrid...did you feel like this since you were a child...?

as far as i remember but i doubt im a hybrid but i do like the taste of blood as weard as that sounds

hmm...i just i don t feel like i need blood just that even if i eat im still you have any dreams?

not yet not any i can remember but becoming a lycan is more then something i want to happen its something that feels like i was meant to do i have always believed that i was meant to be more then human

i think i should die..cause i mess up things..its harder then you ll get to hurt the love or like get use to that...

he dosnt want to help me anyway because he said u messed with his head so nt much hope anymore

yes..i know..he thinks im..something with louve...its ok...don t ll find someone to help you... *hug*

right now i need as much help as i can get

umm i know some...maybe i can help..a lil bit ^^..ill try..

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