Do Some Personal Experiments

Really it is your choice...Kindly don't think that female is easier than male.In fact if you are locked inside the house and nobdoy to look after and if it is very hot climate, this is the worst punishment you can ever get.Kindly put some 2 Kg of Rice or Dhal and tie it tightly as a bag or pocket.Put in the belly downwards and above your genitals. Try to walk with that for a month without removing it even for a single minute.Then you will know the difficulties. KIndly try to wear less sized bras and try to put hook, try to wear blouse like that, try to wear saree with the bag i earlier told..Kindly don't pierce your nose and ear...just try to pierce by yourself. Put LIngerie knot very tight and try to remove it. Put under sized panties and feel how it rubs your thighs. KIndly experience the whole day without removing it. Then surely you will have a change in your dress habits..Put some heavy ornaments in neck, ear and nose..Then you will know all the difficulties which women face. Try to go in crowded buses and trains with your beautiful face and dress. see how men react need to experience more bad experiences rather than sensational experience.
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Jan 10, 2013