Sex Slave

This is what i often fantasize about whilst masurbating. I dream of a man (usually much older) having me at his will to do anything and everything he wants to me / having me do anything and everything he wants done to him or anyone else. i enjoy the thought of being tied up, blindfolded and used .....  ****** in all holes and loaded with hot sticky *** all over or in  me. i would enjoy being filmed or photographed without my knowledge and humiliatied into doing acts i would never dream of doing unless being told to from my master.

dirtygirl1601 dirtygirl1601
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Sounds like you would make a great sub... mmmm

I would love to be your master


Having the responsibility taken away lets you go so much further than you would go on your own!

I'd love to be your erotic photographer.And I'd love to use and abuse you BTW I'm 62.


Is this only your fantasy and a day dream that you use to get yourself off, or do you have any wish to make this a reality and experience at least a part of what you fantasize about? In my experience in life and on EP, many many women have such fantasies but that's what they would like them to remain - just fantasies. Are you that rare woman who has it in her to at least try to realize this dream?

Sounds perfect to me :-) xx

I am looking for a female sex slave/wife. in America over 18.

That is a hot fantasy. Wish I could make it *** true for you!

I have the handcuffs waiting for you young lady, now get over here and undress and get down on your knees.

Oh yeah, little girl. I'll use you well!

I just love hot horny young ladies who like what I like to do to them. I did that to my wife so I have plenty of experience.

I am 49 years old; Too old? I hope not; I have the patience necessary to make you writhe in pleasure for a very long time provided you take real good care of me. Taking care of me entails dressing as I want and doing whatever I am horny for that day.

I suggest you read my story"The Proud Slave Girl",and then add me, little one.....if you dare!

I do it for real to my lady's :-)

Nice fantasy. I like dirty girls and would do many nasty things to you, dirty things Read my stories and tell me if you like this kind of dirty play

I'me 30 years older, would be older<br />
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Nice image... I'd rather have 6 months to make you my slave, dancing to my rhythm. <br />
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Be not to eager to connect with a man who will do all those things to you. I also foind the images very erotic, compelling, exciting, WOW.... but there can be long term harm to your life, a risk he is less likely to face.<br />
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Secluded Master.... secluded, not deluded

i would love to blindfold and tie you up then have my way with you for hours. or even get a motel room and have you dress in lingere and have you service me and do as i say and nothing more. you can have your ****** only when i say.

Transgendered male on hormones and feminizing. I have the exact same fantasy. Some day my prince will ***.

I am a male crossdresser and that is the exact fantasy that I have!