My Reocurring Fantasy,the Urge,unfullfilled Keeps Getting Stronger

I fantasize about meeting a good looking,very educated, intelligent,honest,trustworthy,wealthy,squeaky clean and neat, dominant gentleman who takes a liking to me as a crossdresser,and when I am dressed as a sissy gurl,he slowly molds me little by little,into his sex slave.At first I am just his regular nieve lover,but he gets me to do and introduces me to more and more erotic,fetish taboo things over time.When he has me to the point of being and knowing I think like a real ****,he takes me to his dungeon.That is when he begins the Dominant Master ,make you my mindless sex slave treatment.You must be a **** at heart and really want this to begin with or you would never continue and progressively get into it deeper and deeper.The one thing you have,is discretion,when you leave,it is your secret,your other life,the gurl or slave within you.You shed your slave gurly role and become just good old ordinary you again,nobody knows or has any idea except your Master or Mistress.But once he gets you into his dungeon,first you are collared,you are told the rules,when you can speak,what to do,chained,spanked,tied to tables and racks,whipped flogged,gagged,blindfolded,caged,introduced to every perverted sex act your Master desires,including performing with other slaves for the Dominant Master or Masters entertainment and pleasure.You derive your pleasure from knowing you are giving pleasure,you get off on being dominated and controlled.,You enjoy the pain from the nipple clamps,spankings, ect.,and being told and ordered what to do,but in your own mind,you can do whatever,and you are not responsible because it was an order from your master,you had no control! All you have is your safe word,you can stop at any time,just say the word,but if you do,you are out,fun time is over,choice is either progress or quit.Everyday is a new day,you can go back for more of his control,or walk away,that is your choice,it is like a drug,odds are you will return to the right Master  or Mistress!.The master has to be the creative one,he has to always be thinking of ways to control you,keep you craving and coming back for more,without losing your respect for or hating him or her.You are the curious one,you never know,but always wonder what is next?Nobody knows what is in a persons mind or what goes on behind closed doors!I guess that is a good thing,to each his own!

new2biway new2biway
61-65, M
Feb 21, 2010