Flattering Outfits Can Make You Look Like A Model

In my childhood, I was often told that I could become a model in the future because I was a tall and thin kid with a cute face. Later I didn't grow as tall as expected, however. Somehow drastic weight gain during puberty hindered my vertical growth. I was a chubby girl from age 13 to 15. I lost the excessive weight at age 16, becoming a Juniors size 3 and then Misses size 4 ever since, but I can't be a model because I'm only around medium-height (the average female height in America is 5'4" according to Wikipedia).

I've felt disappointed about my height probably because people once all expected me to be tall. I wish I could turn back the clock to be 13 again---I should have consumed more calcium and less sugar back then! It's too late to realize this though. What's more disappointing is that high-heeled shoes can only add half to two thirds of the heel height according to various web sources I've looked up. That means wearing five-inch heels would only make me two and a half to three inches taller, not much different from wearing three-inch heels---one and half to two inches taller. Actually I wouldn't wear five-inch heels anyway because I care very much about comfort. Now knowing they can't make me five inches taller, I wouldn't even consider them for a day!

"Besides wearing heels, what can make a woman taller then?" I've been thinking about this question since age 16. After years of trial and error, I've learned that wearing the right clothes and shoes can make a woman LOOK taller while she can't grow any taller. I would love to share my tips with other women who also want to look taller and more model-like.

I also have tips on how to dress thinner. Although I'm size 4, my hips are proportionally wide for my otherwise narrow frame, so I must pay attention to what I wear---anything accentuating the hips (like leggings, jeggings, etc) would make me look bigger than I am. Therefore, for you ladies who have model height but aren't model-thin, I can offer some help to make you look slimmer.

I launched a blog titled "Flatter Your Figure" on Thanksgiving Day this year (2012) to advise fellow fashionistas on how to look more like a model. I post an idea as well as before and after pictures every Thursday. Check it out: 2flatteryourfigure dot blogspot dot com http://2flatteryourfigure.blogspot.com/
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Dec 12, 2012