Wanting To Be A Mom At A Young Age.

I am 17 years old and I would almost give anything to be a mother. It is crazy, unrational, and looked down upon for me to think like this. I should not want a chiild at my age. Everyone tells me how  Ineed to live my life and be a kid while I still can. What happens when I don't want to? Who says that, that is what I am supposed to do?
 I grew up with my mom and two sisters since I was 8 years old. My parents split and that left me to help take care of my younger sisters. Ever since then I have just grown up faster than others. I was always the matur eone in my group of friends, and at my 8th grade graduation I was recognized as the mother of our class because we had grown up together all throught grade and middle school.
So now that i'm in highschool I am surrounded by girls that are teen mom's. The internet is always talking about children, and the tv and magazines are doing the same thing. No matter where I turn there is always something to remind me of what i cant have. But yet I will wait until I am older to try for my own little baby. There just might be one problem.
This last year the doctors have found that there is something abnormal about my body to where there are complications with my reproductive system. so there is the chance that in the future I might just be a woman that cannot have her own kids. I pray that this isn't my case but I am still scared. Because no matter what my age is, I still have the want to be a mom, I want to be that special someone to a little boy or girl and be able to raise them knowiing that I brought them into the world.
Thats my story.
                          - Girl with a dream
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Well ladies God made my want come to reality I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant whoo!

It's normal for a women still going through puberty to have high hormone levels and a natural want to be a mother. Wait until you can support yourself before supporting another person. Unfortunately if you have medical problems with reproduction, you might not be able to. But wait, with technology maybe they can fix that or there are lots of other ways. Seriously wait though. Get your life together.
I've had a very similar life. My parents split and had to take care of my baby sister when I was 7. I'm 18 and want children but understand their life now, without a job, a home, anyway to support them, would be a huge struggle.

Thats deep me too I'm 21 now but ever since I can remember I have this heavy desire to be a mom... IDK what to do because people still say I'm too young...