Wanting To Be A Mommy!!!!

Hi my name is Lisa and i have been with my love Bryan for 5 years now we havent gotten married yet but planning on it.. I want to be a mommy more then anything in this world we have been trying for a very  long time and nothing still .. it just hurts knowing that i dont have a precious baby yet.. it hurts that everyone i know has children or are expecting now and everywhere i go there are prego mommys out there.. and i cant wait to know that i have a baby inside me i am willing to do it all the late nights the crys dont bather me at all i guess cause i have been taking care of kids for oh i cant remember how long but a very long time and i just love kids i live for kids to help them out and to try to make them happy and i know how it is not to have a mother and father and live with foster home to foster home and i just want to help children but back to me wanting that suprize i just cant wait and its killing me to not have a baby.
lisabaputman lisabaputman
Jul 21, 2010