Pregnancy & Pot

I know a woman who desperately wants to be a mom.  She & her husband are going to an infertility specialist.

I also know they are both heavy pot smokers and that the husband hasn't worked in several years (not sure why).

I'd like some opinions on this.
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I think that when the baby comes there will be LOTS of work! (smile)<br />
and I think once the baby arrives, they should take their pot outside...ONE at a time.

Opinions on if they seem like fit parents? I don't think Id be fit to judge. There are a multitude of people without jobs, doesn't make them bad parents. Sure it takes money to raise children, but its not necessarily anyones fault that they aren't working, isn't a character flaw to be unemployed. As for if heavy pot smokers make good parents - that I don't know. Would perhaps depend on how heavy is heavy - your heavy pot smoker might not be mine, you know? <br />
If they are prepared to put the money, time and energy into fertility treatment then it must mean alot to them to be parents - maybe thats all you need to know.