I Want My Myah...

I want to be a mom. I want the white picket fences, with a dog in the yard abc a truckload of kids. I want to have while I still have the patience and know how from being babies so long, all my life almost. I want my first born to be precious girl. I have in pink dresses and constantly show her off to the world. I want her to have have a father who loves her dotes on her and loves her mother just as much. I want to work from home so I can be with my kids all the time, take them on trips, start them off steady and stable. Most of all I want to do it right now. Marry my ideal man, get in a house, have a couple of kids. No worries. But not in today's world. When you have to hVe a 2 income home to get by and an above college education. I haven't met prince charming yet to take me to my castle or make enough to support a child... But I still want my daughter soooooo bad! But I can't be that selfish. Looking at hungry dirty faces, barely clothes, and empty tummies that's to cruel....maybe if the world was different like it use to be in the 50's. When women stayed... But alas I guess I must wait another ten years....
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I'll help you be a mom if your still looking

I am a bit older, but pretty settled. I would love to start a family immediatly. Write me, if you are interested ;)

Are you still looking to be a mom? If so maybe i can help make your dream come true

Are you still looking to be a mom?

If you have figured yourself out, then I think you will be a fantastic mother. I wish I could find someone like you

Are you still looking? If so i would love to make you a mom

I would love to full fill you want and get you preg.

Gosh you really are a Mormon at heart. LOL quit telling yourself what you can't have and start believing in what you can have. Leave it to Beaver and the fifties TV life were just as much hype as today's movies. The fact is electronics, modern medicine, safer equipment, wonder automatic appliances, wrinkle free clothes, and high speed internet are pretty darn nice trade off for June Cleaver having to be home because there was too dang much work to pull it off a family any other way.

There is no such thing as prince charming who is going to sweep you off your feet. You need to understand that. There are only guys, and none of them are like characters in a TV show.
If you only want to get pregnant NOW, that is easy enough to do. But if you want a man who will provide the support, the picket fences, and all that... you'll need to fall in love and foster a relationship like everyone else.
Getting pregnant and becoming a mom is the easy part.

hey..I have always wanted a family and children...if you are intersted in learning more about me pleae add as a friend or write back

awe sad ending

I'm a foster parent so I see how things are when they go wrong too and the fairy tale? It doesn't actually exist! Sure kids are great, cute, funny and they give you a reason to get up every morning and see fun in the world. But... Kids are also expensive, messy, loud, don't understand when you are sick and need 'me time' and they are also very very tiring. The fairy tale can partly exist but never when you are 18. What man is capable of supporting a family when he is also a teenager? I know how painful it is when you feel such strong maternal instincts and every woman you see who walks down the street is pregnant or pushing a pram but pleeeeese please don't do anything drastic. You really don't want the fairy tale to turn into a nightmare. Concentrate on finding your prince charming, he is the key to your happiness, don't accept second best and wait till you are older when this dream can become a reality.