In The Baby Aisle

I could be pregnant(my dr even said theres a chance), but here's the problem:I don't want to get my hopes up! I have about 8 days until I can test. I am going crazy! I found myself in the baby aistle at walmart. So that made,my curiosity worse. I called a friend I thought I could talk to but she was having her own problems. I am always putting others first. I never got around to what was bothering me. And also while I was in the baby aistle all those feelings about the baby I miscarried came rushing back. I am almost at an utter despartion to be a mom. I don't know what I am going to do if that test back negative.I almost starting crying in the store thinking about it. Its almost my hearts cry for God to take away thoughts of pregnancy if I am not pregnant. How do I first make to the day I can test and secondly, how do I move forward if I am not pregnant? And it seems like no one understands how I feel. "Don't dwell on it" they say. You have stuff on with your body like this and have your dreams smashed over and over and tell me how you feel. Help how do I get past this?
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I want to be a Mommy too. people r always telling me that I will wish I didn't. they said I just got baby fever and that I will get over it.. I often day dream about a child of my own. what names to pick or things I'll teach it.. I can't help myself. I don't speak about it anymore to my friends and family cause they say I'm foolish. but I do want a baby badly. I pray every night that god will bless me with a tiny child. I hope everything works out good for you