I Had A Miscarriage.

I had a miscarriage before I had my son. I had just recently met with my new midwife, and I was excited and glowing. I had told my family and friends, and then I started to spot. I thought it was just nothing, and then it increased. Then it just flooded. I broke down and cried on the toilet, and my Hubby came and wrapped his arms around me and cried too. It was raw and intense and so sad. We so wanted this baby. I had a natural miscarriage, curled up on my couch with Hubbs holding my hand. I was depressed for a whole month...and then I got pregnant again. I was so scared that I would lose this baby too. But 39 weeks and 3 days later, my son came into the world, and I have been so happy ever since. I made a little tiny quilt to remember that first baby, though. I call her Poppy, and she was my first baby.
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wow it really nice.. that you got a cute baby