It's Not a Easy As I Thought

I am 22 years old, married to a wonderful man and we have a great life thus far together.  There is only one thing that we want to complete it and that is a baby.  We have been trying for 6 months now and there have been many times when I thought that I was pregnant but never have been yet.

You know my whole life I thought any time I had sex I was going to get pregnant.  I stayed a virgin just for that reason.  I took birth controll even when I wasn't sexually active, I guess just for an extra precaution and now I find out that the more you want that special little one in your life the harder it is to get it.

I've been told to stop stressing about it and stop thinking about it and it will happen.  But, once you have it set in your mind that you want something like this, you prepare for it financially, and start telling your family that you are going to start trying for a baby-- HOW do you just stop thinking about it and how do you stop stressing when month after month it hasn't happened despite your best efforts?

Even in the months that I actually did forget about trying to make a baby and we just had fun, by the time my period is supposed to come around it comes right back into my head.  I begin to wonder if any of those "fun" times did the trick... not yet.

Why is it my friend got pregnant when she didn't want one, and young girls that are being permiscuous, and girls that don't prepare finacially for a baby can get pregnant so quickly and women like me that want the baby so bad they would make a nursery and put a baby doll in the bed to fill the void can't have one.

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This was my post 5 years almost 6 years ago.... We now have a happy healthy two year old. We had to enlist the services of a fertility specialist and were destined to undergo ICSI IVF that cost us more than a pretty penny. But now we have our little person and she is magnificent.

Our next IVF will be in 2014 after I have graduated from my masters program. I can't wait!

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that you got the child you wanted.

Maybe his ***** is too slow. Or you may not be able to get pregnant. Go to the doctor and have his ***** tested, and yourself. <br />
<br />
If everythings alright, just remember the most important thing: Your future, special, awesome child is waiting to be born in you, not the other million crazy *** kids in your husband's *****. Your kid might be busy, and not ready to meet you yet. Enjoy the lighter side of why your not pregnant yet. And remember stress will make you sick, and prevent you from getting pregnant. Also, start getting kinkier with him- the more FUN you have in bed, the more you won't stress out. Also, the more you obsess about why, the more you risk turning off your husband. A baby comes from great sex and love. Not stressed out "put in in me I want a baby sex"/ Know what I mean? :)

I have felt your pain. My husband and I have been "having fun" for 9 months now.