Tired of Waitin

I am 22 years old married to a wonderful man and need only a baby to complete me. We've tried numerous times but have not been successful. My mom had a hard time getting pregnant so i figure that its going to be the same for me. My sister has a little girl and she is my worls but it just kills me to be around them. Dont get me wrong i love my neice more than anything i just wish that i had a kid of my own to make me complete. My husband has two kids from a previous girlfriend, but even though he already has kids he still feels the same way i do. I just dont understand why people who dont want kids or has kid after kid and lose them to the welfare or something like that can have them and someone like me who wants nothing more in life but to have a kid or kids cant. My dad keeps telling me that it will happen just give it time but its kind of hard to give it time when you have already gave so much time.

katelynnsaunt katelynnsaunt
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2 Responses Apr 21, 2007

patience my dear it will happen.

It will happen when the time is right. I am 23, married for 3 years and have been with him for 5. Never used protection ever and still no pregnancy. However, now he is being deported back to England so I am assuming that if we had a child this would have been so much harder. So we will try again for a family when we are together again over there. Maybe another life changing experience is going to happen that would be more difficult if a child was involved. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. But it will come in time.